Advice to orient student and family about college process and to discover unique aspects of a student’s profile. Recommended for 12th graders needing last-minute strategy & list advice or for independent 10th & 11th graders needing a basic direction and structure to start their process.



Includes initial thirty-minute assessment and two additional one-hour sessions to:

  • present information,
  • answer questions,
  • get feedback,
  • adjust list, tactics or process.

Final recommendations include list, financial means awareness, college visit, and self-advocacy planning.

Application development or review is not included. 

It is best to purchase Comprehensive as soon as possible to guarantee service.
Should you wish to purchase Introductory, and then upgrade to Comprehensive, the fee for the Introductory Package can be credited to the higher amount. Please be aware that approval to upgrade is subject to timing during admissions cycle, age/grade of student, and total number of Comprehensive clients being counseled.  

Courtesy discounts are available for service academy applicants, military or emergency response families, previous clients and their families or for special circumstances as determined by Robinson/Scholastic Objectives, LLC.  Schedule your initial session to talk through your options.